Friday, July 27, 2007

Barbara Holt

Three Things I Want My Kids To Remember:
1, A grateful heart sits at a continual feast.
2. That you can find God's grace in your mistakes.
3.That I know Neal A. Maxwell's words are true: God watches the times and seasons. He knows your individual bearing can have full faith and trust in God, His mercy, and His goodness.
BTW, this photo is the winner of the 1995 Best Holt Family Wedding Photo. Doesn't Barbara look beautiful!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Three things I want my children to remember

1. They are children of our Father in Heaven and therefore are of a royal birth. As they are of royal birth, they are entitled to certain privileges, but also have great responsibilities to fulfill.

2. I want them to remember love. First, that they are loved by their parents and siblings, but also by a loving Father in Heaven and His son, Jesus Christ. That love is unconditional and will exist through the eternities. Second: To love. I want them to always love others and to make their love to others unconditional.

3. I want my children to remember to have joy. It’s too easy to become burdened with life and all of our responsibilities. We need to remember we were sent to earth to have joy. We experience joy in so many ways and many of those ways are so easy to overlook or to ignore. We must remember to have joy!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Many of your have not had the opportunity of knowing this wonderful friend of mine. Her daughter has been watching Spence and Michaela the last month. Norma is a woman of great faith. She makes me laugh and always has a great attitude. I have received thousands of dollars of free therapy from her over the past 5 years.


Three things I want my kids to remember:

1. That no matter what happens to you as a child, no matter how difficult the road, you can still overcome and beat the odds. That too many times people want to use their past as a crutch to find excuses for the future. I'm this way because...I did this because... That the choice is theirs to make it different and to make the change and it CAN and WILL be better. That they can become a better and stronger person because of those experiences if that is what they choose to do. That they are strong and that the strength comes from within with the power of a Heavenly Father who loves them. That life is good no matter what boulders or pebbles come their way. That they will fall, and will have the strength stand back tall and press forward as many times as you have to.

2. That what you bring to your mind, comes out. Whether positive or negative, it will come out. That stressing over the little things makes life even harder when it doesn't have to be. I've learned this through experiences of my own. Learn to laugh about it, learn to laugh with it and just plain learn to laugh. Laughing is a cure all in itself. Happiness brings laughter and laughter brings out good positive feelings. Enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets, sit and enjoy life to the fullest. Watch the clouds float by, watch the water as it sways back and forth, enjoy watching the garden that you've planted. Just enjoy life for the simple little things that can bring true happiness. .

3. To express their love and appreciation to those around them. I love my wonderful, beautiful daughters who in spite of me, have grown to be such beautiful human beings. I feel so blesssed and awed sometimes about how wonderful they are and the great endeavors they have accomplished. A hug is essential to the soul. That when you do it, it feels good and it makes you feel like you are important and that you are valued as a person. A hug away keeps the doctor away. Express, express, express to those who are part of your their ife, how much you mean to them and how important they are to you. Do it while you can and as often as you can. You can never do it too much.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marilyn Eyre

The 3 things I want my children to remember:

1. First and foremost: That they are of royal birth and are heirs to a royal kingdom and as they are princesses and prince right now, they will become Queens and King hereafter. That their royal parents and earthly parents love them unconditionally, beyond measure and they are always there for them.

2. Then I would like them to always remember that because they are of royal birth they are capable of becoming and/or doing ANYTHING their hearts' desire. They have so much untapped talent and abilities in every aspect of life at their disposal. They may have to work at it, but it will always be worth it and what they can conceive they can achieve.

3. The first and most important quality to learn and utilize in this life is to be able to love unconditionally and accept all of God's children sincerely and without reproach, no matter what. Love cures all wrongs, illnesses, diseases, hurts, sadness, offenses, broken hearts, etc., and uplifts to the upper regions, performs miracles beyond comprehension and is the bridge to all forgiveness, peace and harmony. We need it and cannot survive without it or it's influence and by and through it we become one in mind, body and spirit.